I want to purchase a training subscription, when will it start? 
  • All training subscriptions begin the Monday after you purchase. So if you purchase a monthly plan on a Thursday, you will start that next Monday unless otherwise requested! 
What if I want to delay my start date?
  • Then I suggest waiting to begin your subscription, so you don't get charged for an extra month!  6 mo. one time purchase can start any month, or delay start by a month.
When will I get charged?
  • Payments are reoccurring, monthly, the date of original purchase. So if you have a certain date or time of the month you would preferred to get charged I suggest purchasing then! 
What if I can no longer continue my training? Or this just isn't for me? 
  • Its a free country my friend. You can cancel anytime! Simply shoot me an email before your payment gets drafted for the month and you are out!
  • 6 mo. training options cannot be canceled once paid in full, but can freeze training at any time.
What's the difference between the 1 and 6 month options?
  • The one month options are month by month subscription payments. By enrolling in 6 months at once you save $5/month (or $30). 
  • With the 6 mo. training option you can freeze training for a month as necessary, and pick back up again. 
What's the difference between the LLM LITE and LLM PRO training? 
  • The LLM LITE training is only 3x a week and is designed for those who are short on time, or want lifting to compliment other modes of exercise (running, climbing, recreational sports, etc). Similar to my previous program HYBRID.
  • LLM PRO is 3 days a week of strength specific lifting, one day of strength and conditioning focused exercise, and one optional 5th metabolic conditioning day.  Similar to my previous program POWER. 
  • Both programs utilize barbells, compound movements, kettlebells, and will push you in just ~1 hour a day!