Highly Active Female Cutting Template: This is for females who are activly exercising at a high level and need more specific exercise meal timing, and frequncy. This template includes an example on how to space your nutrion across the day into a pre & post workout meal, 3 daily meals, and free calories in the example daily macro/portion sized tempalates. 


The Little Lyss Self - Coach Macro Calculators were created just for you! No more confusion on how much you should be eating for your goals! The Little Lyss Macro self-coaching calculators lets you be your OWN coach!


An excell based document that includes:

  • Quick reference portion guide
  • How to use quick your template references
  • Self calculating macro calculator using Lyss's favorite science based formula
  • Lets you be in control of the macro ratio you choose based on preference, and goals
  • Self calculating mainteance & 3 bulking phases
  • Example daily macro meal templates & portion sized templates to you can choose to manually track or not!
  • Weight tracking sheet to let you objectivly moniotor progress
  • Comes with the Little Lyss Fitness 60 page nutrition guide!
  • On line facebook community support 
  • Full flexiblity in YOUR nutrition, what you eat, and how you fit it into this template! 


Be your own coach, with Little Lyss Fitness.

CUTTING CALCULATOR - Highly Active Female