Recreationally Active Female Bulking Template: This is for females who are activly exercising but are also just normal everyday people who need nutrition guidance to better fit their daily lives. This template includes an example on how to space your nutrion across the day into 4 daily meals or 3 meals and snacks, and free daily calories to be used however you want in the example daily macro/portion sized tempalates. 


The Little Lyss Self - Coach Macro Calculators were created just for you! No more confusion on how much you should be eating for your goals! The Little Lyss Macro self-coaching calculators lets you be your OWN coach!


An excell based document that includes:

  • Quick reference portion guide
  • How to use quick your template references
  • Self calculating macro calculator using Lyss's favorite science based formula
  • Lets you be in control of the macro ratio you choose based on preference, and goals
  • Self calculating mainteance & 3 bulking phases
  • Example daily macro meal templates & portion sized templates to you can choose to manually track or not!
  • Weight tracking sheet to let you objectivly moniotor progress
  • Comes with the Little Lyss Fitness 60 page nutrition guide!
  • On line facebook community support 
  • Full flexiblity in YOUR nutrition, what you eat, and how you fit it into this template! 


Be your own coach, with Little Lyss Fitness.

BULKING CALCULATOR - Recreationally Active Female