Nutrition is so hard isn't it my friend? How much should you really be eating to cut, and how long for? What about bulking, how do you really gain the muscle you are after? And for goodness sake.... what the heck are macros and how do you even calculate them? 

People have very specific macronutrient considerations based on their activity levels, food preferences, goals, and diet history. But not everyone wants, can afford, or needs a "macro coach".


Well don't worry friends -- I've got you.

A fully detailed 50+ page nutrition e-book breaking down all the general basics behind nutrition. What macros are, what each one does in our bodies, how much we actually need. How fad diets work. Why a high protein diet may be advantageous. How metabolism works and adapts with us. Grocery lists. Meal prep guide, self-guided diet assessment, meal prep guide with an example meal prep process, and general nutrition FAQ.

A self calculating excel based diet calculator based on YOUR individual needs. Includes self adjusting macros, example meal macro or portion size split with suggested macro timing, or a portion sized only option for those who don't want to track. Pick between a cutting or bulking template. Each template includes 3 phases, and a maintenance phase, with self calculated weight tracking monitoring and notes on when to progress to the next phase, when to take a diet break or mini cut or what to do when you are DONE. No more being given one time macronutrients and not knowing what to do next. 

An online Facebook community for social support, questions,  feedback, access to Lyss, and a place to share your victories or other resources that may benefit others! Communicate with other like-minded individuals in a safe environment regulated by Lyss.

  • A 60-page nutrition eBook​ & template for self-paced nutrition coaching guidance.

  • The ebook includes example grocery lists and macro specific food lists.

  • Meal prep template, examples, and dietary assessment included in the guide! 

  • A 3 phase cutting or bulking template self calculated off of your individual, specific activity needs, size, and macro ratio preference.

  • Facebook community group support. 

  • The template has both a macro tracking and portion size option for flexibility and individual nutrition preference (AKA track if you want, don't if you wish to!).

  • Guidance within on the best times to progress to the next stage, regress, or end your bulk/cut.

  • Full flexible control over the foods you eat, the pace you take, or the goals you choose!

  • Choose between a highly active (3 daily meals + pre & post workout meals + free kcals.) or general population templates (3 or 4 meals a day or snack + free kcals.).

  • Female only templates as of now.