Lift heavier, train smarter, learn more. Blow your mind with the Little Lyss Method, a multi-level style of training designed to actually help you reach your goals!​

Goal specific training from an exercise professional. Get stronger, fitter, and more athletic in just 3-5 days/week. Combine any running program from the ebook ENDURE if with the new ENDURE race program if you have running AND lifting goals!

Everything over here is grounded in scientific approaches to training. Oh, and FUNctional. Meaning? You will get a brand new training program each month. Each one will build upon the next so you are constantly working towards your goals, learning new exercises, and enjoying your workouts. This includes proper de-loads, and rests days. We train with intention over here, with just as much focus on rest and recovery.

Forget bulky excel templates, or PDF's. With the Little Lyss Method, you get a subscription to a training app. Via this app or online portal, you get a new training plan each month. Take me into the gym with you with exercise videos, workout tracking, and fitness training. You wanted more from a training program, and you are getting it. (iOS & Andrioid apps available)

  • Membership to The Little Lyss Method and an online training portal for easy phone and internet access to your training plan and progress tracking (iOS & Android apps available)!

  • Videos demonstrating all exercises

  • A brand new workout plan each month

  • Workouts for 3-5x/ week for ~45 min - 1:15 depending on pace

  • Access to my clients only Instagram 

  • Access to my Little Lyss Method Facebook community for support

  • Client 35 page, science-based, training guide

  • 10 page Mini Nutrition guide

  • Mini Meal Prep Guide

  • Macro Calculator

  • Exercise Swapping Sheet

  • More!

  • Baseline experience lifting with a barbell*

  • Squat rack or Pre-set ezcurl bars

  • Bench

  • Plates

  • Cable towers + or ability to swap with resistance bands

  • Resistance bands & Hip circles or the ability to modify

  • Dumbbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Boxes &/or benches

  • Pull-up bar

  • Medicine or sandbag exercise ball(s)

  • Rower or other cardio modality to swap with

If you are a beginner please check out my entry beginner Little Lyss method feeder program BEGIN that takes you from body weight to barbell in 12 weeks! 

  • ​Brand new training program every month

  • Get stronger, more fit & develop muscle in just  
    ~60 minutes 3x/week!

  • Designed for the busy person in mind!

  • No coaching

  • TrueCoach app subscription

  • Access to online facebook community & client only IG

  • Training Guides

  • ​Brand new training program every month

  • Get stronger, more fit, and put on muscle!

  • Workout ~60-75 minutes, 4x/ week! 

  • Optional 5th conditioning workout

  • No coaching

  • TrueCoach app subscription

  • Access to online facebook community& client only IG

  • Training Guides

  • ​Brand new training program every month

  • Get stronger, fitter, and put on muscle

  • You decide between LLM LITE or PRO workouts!

  • Training, Macro Coaching, video analysis

  • TrueCoach app subscription

  • Access to online facebook community

  • Communication with me

  • Training Guides

Once you sign up, you will get a welcome email, log-in information, and your client materials!

"I love this program! I had always wanted to try lifting, but was always too intimidated or lost to actually go to the gym. This has helped me get started with basic lifting and continue to grow. I love that I can adjust my work outs to fit in to my crazy PA school schedule. I'm already looking forward to the next few months of this program to see what else my body can do!


I truly appreciate how much time and effort you put in to these programs. It is quite obvious to me that you genuinely care about your clients and that in itself motivates me throughout this program."


-  Haley, Little Lyss Method