Lift heavier, run further, train smarter, learn more. Blow your mind with the Little Lyss Method, a multi-level style of training designed to actually help you reach your goals!​



Progressive, evidence-based training for the woman who's ready to train with intention.





Is sick of the fitness industry B.S.

Is ready for a REAL training plan

Who has bigger goals than what she's been sold

Whos time is limited but wants results

Who wants to PR her squat

Wants to finally run that race

OR maybe wants to do BOTH!

"In my short time with Little Lyss, I’ve already made more strength gains than the 10 plus years I’ve been lifting weights! I love that every movement, rep and weight is carefully planned to best benefit me and my goals! Also, Little Lyss provides so much information! The workouts and suggested RPEs are so detailed, she provides macro guides and videos for every movement you may encounter during the program. LLM is definitely well worth the money!"

Everything over here is grounded in scientific approaches to training. Oh, and FUNctional. Meaning? You will get a brand new training program each month. Each one will build upon the next so you are constantly working towards your goals, learning new exercises, and enjoying your workouts. This includes proper de-loads, and rests days. We train with intention over here, with just as much focus on rest and recovery.


Goal specific training from an exercise professional. Get stronger, fitter, more athletic and actually enjoy your training for once--  in just 3-5 days/week.

Forget bulky excel templates, or PDF's. With the Little Lyss Method, access your own training portal. Take me into the gym with you with exercise videos, workout, and fitness training. You wanted more from a training program, and you are getting it. (iOS & Andrioid apps available)


  • Membership to The Little Lyss Fitness App

  • Videos demonstrating all exercises & ability to swap exercises

  • A brand new workout plan every 4-5 weeks

  • Workouts for 3-5x/week for ~45 min - 60min

  • Access to my Little Lyss Method Facebook & app group community for support

  • 1 & 10RM calculator

  • Client science-based lifting guide

  • Training around your menstrual cycle guide

  • Mini Nutrition guide + Mini Meal Prep Guide

  • Macro Calculator

  • Client Q&A document + weekly Q&A's.

  • All other clients only dropbox files & resources

"I’ve always been athletic. I’m a runner and comfortable making my way around the gym, but I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to structure my workouts to make the most of my time and see optimal results. That’s where Lyss came in! I’ve seen more progress in the last 4 months of doing Lyss’s program than I have to do my own workouts for the last several years. Her plan has provided me with the structure and guidance I’ve been looking for. Lyss is incredibly knowledgeable. I appreciate that everything she provides is evidence-based. I know I can trust her to provide the highest quality training."


    • ​Baseline experience lifting with a barbell*

    • Squat rack or Pre-set EZ curl bars

    • Bench

    • Plates

    • Cable towers + or ability to swap with resistance bands

    • Resistance bands & Hip circles or the ability to modify

    • Dumbbells

    • Kettlebells

    • Boxes &/or benches

    • Pull-up bar

    • Medicine or sandbag exercise ball(s)

    • Rower or other cardio modality to swap with

    • **If you are a beginner BEGIN will not need a barbell for the first 6 weeks. 

    • A badass goal chasing attitude.



4 plans. One Method Change your goals? Change your plan.

Pick the plan you start with. Want to switch? Easy.

Once you are in you can hop between plans, any time life changes or your shift goals.

No commitment. Leave any time with month to month subscription.



  • A 12 wee bodyweight to barbell beginner ​program
  • No prior lifting experience needed
  • Designed for those who don't have but want baseline barbell experience 
  • Ability to progress into LLM LITE, PRO, or HYBRID after
  • First 8 weeks able to be done at home and/or swaps can be made to make at home accessible
  • Barbell needed for weeks 8-12
  • Baseline cardiovascular development 
  • 3-4 workouts/week
  • 45-60 minutes/workout
  • Ability to skip first 4 or 8 weeks based on current skill level (must message me to do so)
  • $50/month


  • Evidence-based lifting progression 
  • ​3-4 workouts/week
  • 3 lifts + 1 lift and conditioning day 
  • 45-60 min/workout
  • Follows the same progression as LLM PRO
  • Ability to switch between PRO and LITE based on goals
  • Barbell experience needed
  • Perfect to pair with running, climbing, yoga, etc.
  • Rower required (or options to swap within app.)
  • Ability to swap all exercises within app
  • Gain strength in your compound movements
  • Gain muscle and overall fitness 
  • $50/month


  • Evidence-based lifting progression 

  • 4-​5 workouts/week

  • 3 lifts + 1 lift and conditioning day + 1 met-con day

  • 45-60 min/workout

  • Follows the same progression as LLM LITE

  • Ability to switch between PRO and LITE based on goals

  • Barbell experience needed

  • Rower required (or options to swap within app.)

  • Ability to swap all exercises within app

  • Gain strength in your compound movements

  • Gain muscle and overall fitness 

  • Made for those with more serious strength goals

  • $65/month


  • ​15-week strength program 
  • Designed to parallel any race training plan
  • Comes with ENDURE
  • Pair with any plan in ENDURE ebook and training guide
  • Barbell experience needed
  • 2 lifts + 1 additional optional lift per week 
  • ~45 min/lift
  • Reduced to 2 lifts per week as running progresses
  • Adjusts volumes along with your race peak & taper
  • Running specific lifting, core, and stability drills
  • Optional mobility and stretching accessory drills
  • $215 one time purchase or $65/month as part of your
    LLM subscription
  • Purchase and start whenever your race!



I’ve been doing the LLM Lite program for about 6 months now (wut??!) and I continue to LOVE it! I started out with the goal to just be more consistent in my activity, for overall health benefits. Someone asked me recently if I’ve noticed any changes/improvements since starting the program (obviously I can’t stop talking about how much I like it)...and since I didn’t really have many hard-and-fast goals as far as physical changes or body recomposition, I haven’t really been tracking anything. But I have noticed my pants fit better, I have way more energy, and I sleep better! I had to say one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is just a mindset shift from “do’s and don’ts” to more of a lifestyle change! I think one of Lyss’s biggest goals is to just create a healthier approach to fitness, where it’s more focused on incorporating “health” into your daily life, and her programs do that! I love the ease and simplicity of her workouts. They really do challenge you to become a better version of yourself, both physically and mentally! I’ve recommended her to a number of people and look forward to continuing with her!



4 plans.

Change your goals? Change your plan.

No Commitment. 

One monthly subscription. Unlimited goals.

Girl, I know you are sick of cookie-cutter PDF programs and need a badass program to fit with your badass goals and the flexibility to train the way YOU want. 

Finally, make the results in the gym you deserve. 

Demand more. Sign up today, start next Monday.

For as little as just $1.66/day you could change your life.