You decided... you are finally going to run THAT race. Yeah, that race you've been intimidated by. Or maybe you finally want to become "a runner". But you can't find any good resources out there breaking down the science of how and why should train, eat, and strength train to support your running.

I've got you my friend.

A fully detailed 50-page e-book breaking down all the science behind running. How adaptation works, how to improve your pace, training in heat and cold, pre during and post-run nutrition, preparing for race day and more! 

Six 12-week running programs for any runner of any level. Includes 4 or 5 days of progressive running per week, speed work, de-load weeks and pre-race tapering.

  • 5k Beginner & Intermediate Training Plan

  • 10k Beginner & Intermediate Training Plan

  • 13.1 Beginner & Intermediate Training Plan

Get the lifting & running HYBRID ENDURE bundle. Combine your ENDURE training program/ebook with the ALL NEW 16-week race prep and strength training program. Designed to help you stay strong and manage to lift as your race training progressed without overdoing it. Program designed to line up 16 weeks prior to your race date. 

  • A 50 page eBook​

  • A full scientific breakdown of running adaptation

  • Pre-run testing & how to calculate your training pace(s)

  • Using RPE & training zones to gage your intensity

  • Why you should be training in specific zones at different times

  • Running nutritional guidance & supplement recommendations 

  • Running in the heat & cold; how we adapt

  • De-loads & tapering

  • Race day tips

  • How to pick your plan & 6 different training plans (5k, 10k, 13.1 distances)

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